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Linguist Masters:

Welcome to the exciting world of languages. We are language professionals from various linguistic backgrounds with more than 10 years experience in the domain of language and communication. We provide extremely personalised and dedicated language solutions based on an individual’s needs and expectation.

The "Linguist Masters" method of teaching is very different from the conventional method. In conventional method, stress is on the communication system and explaining things and the teacher ends up doing most of the talking but we at Linguist Masters are very well aware of the fact that a language can be learnt only by speaking, as language is not maths or history where one can memorize formulae and dates. Our objective is to make students speak and that's how they learn. At Linguist Masters, we use language tools, which are easy to understand for students with limited knowledge of the English Language to improve their communication skills and get rid of their communication problems.

At “Linguist Masters" we know that good communication skills are keys to your professional success and applications of communication technology are essential to ones success.
Our method and communication process ensures that you will speak more confidently, and more accurately, from your very first class.

“Linguist Masters" which is based at Dwarka, New Delhi, was established in 2004 with the sole aim to impart the best language training in town. In just a few years' time it has established a strong reputation as high-quality language trainers.

At “Linguist Masters" we are offering the ideal combination of quality teaching and a high degree of personal contact between teachers and all of our students. Our centre is centrally located in Dwarka, New Delhi, and is well connected with all parts of Delhi by Metro. It is also an easy meeting place for students at all times of the day.

Learning Chinese language is made easy through our systematic study approach. Beside our classes in Chinese Language in Dwarka, New Delhi, we also provide highly professional Chinese language Translators, and Chinese Language Interpreters in Delhi and throughout India. We can get you the best language professionals for Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian and other Foreign Languages.


  Spoken English Tutorials


We also use the highly sophisticated language converters for high end translation jobs. The translation work is basically language conversion from one language to a different language. Our language conversion tools are very effective in giving you the best translation work you can get. The language converter is based on the principle of language identifier. Language problem in India is still a big concern as we still have the language barrier, and don’t have international standard language converter tools which can cater to the companies in need of specialized translations.